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 ways with words 2021 

Art created in support of the Orpington Ways With Words Literary Festival 2021
organised by Rotary in partnership with Orpington 1st

Brenda Parsons 

I mainly use painted and stitched papers in my work and regularly stitch words cut from books and maps to bring interest and a grounding of location to my work. This interest comes from my background as a geographer and a lover of the printed and spoken word.

Coral Singleton

This is a response to a diary entry recording the 274 mile challenge to walk the Pennine Way.  It is stitched and pricked with tiny sketches on torn and painted wall paper.

Elizabeth Arkell

I'd been trying to scratch my head for inspiration for this one - all sorts of ideas that I knew wouldn't pan out.  

Then I thought about what has been the most important thing for me, and for so many, over the past year: the support of friends, and suddenly it just all came together.    It became a labour of love, stitching this as I thought of those friends who are - or have been - so important throughout my life.  


Ok - a bit melo-D but it's how it's been.  


And it was a joy to actually use the learning from a series of workshops to draft out the Celtic knot border, and to do something a bit less arty and more straightforward for a change.

Fiona Freeman

My embroidered picture represents an open book with a pop up feature of a human ear entering the heart, to represent the saying

‘Open The Ears Of Your Heart’. This shows the sound of words transferring into feelings. When we listen carefully to what our heart or the Holy Spirit is telling us, we can be guided in our everyday lives. ‘ Ways With Words’ fill our world, talking and listening to each other, reading, singing, listening to music and all forms of human communication can be enjoyed.

Heather Spaulding

Poem for Tom.  I produced this embroidery from a poem that I wrote for my late husband, Tom.

Black and Tan.  This is based on a newspaper article which I thought relevant to a celebration of equality.  It  has the newspaper article actually stitched into the background with added machine embroidered word