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Elizabeth Arkell

I started stitching in primary school, like most of my generation learning the basic stitches as we made simple items for the home.

This led naturally to a love of counted hand stitched techniques, from cross stitch to bargello, blackwork, whitework of all sorts, but always worked from kits and charts designed by others. Later I was introduced to stumpwork and goldwork, and spent my time trying to perfect each technique - though never quite satisfied with the results!

In 2012-16 I studied under Janet Edmonds at Missenden Abbey for the C&G L3 Certificates and diploma in Design and Stitch - and my whole approach to stitch changed. It helped me to design my own work, and develop and refine my own style, which is a fusion of the traditional and freestyle. I love creating the textured fabrics for my work: bonding, layering, stitching and cutting, even though the finished result may be quite subtle.

I always return from visits to exhibitions of other artists work (in media ranging from paint to ceramics, glass to textiles) with copious notes and doodles. In 2018 I started to use those notes to create experimental pieces of work, each one responding to a particular aspect of a piece of art that had inspired me

EAA stomacher 2017
EAA Shield 2018
EAA Peter 1 2017
EAA Peter 2 2017
EAA g&y sampler 2018
EAA gloves 2016
EAA oak trunk 2017
EAA By the sea 2019
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