Alison Ripley 

My degree is in Fashion Design - an area that satisfied my love of colour, texture and style and one that developed into a career in operatic costume. I left the Opera when my first child was born and became an Art and Design lecturer, a career that spanned more than thirty years during which time I studied Art history and developed my own artistic skills. Currently I assess and examine art and design qualifications as well as teaching privately.


I am a devotee of drawing and continue to encourage others to follow a discipline of drawing each day as a means of both recording and generating ideas.


Having designed and made many costumes, wedding dresses and couture ensembles I now focus on ‘Art for Art’s Sake’ without considering practicality or saleability. Having taught so many creative skills, as a textile Artist I now have the opportunity to focus on techniques I enjoy the most. I manipulate fabrics and other materials using a variety of mixed media including metal and paper combined with hand and machine stitch. I create work in 2D and 3D.


From time to time I vary my subject matter……but the body remains my true obsession.

‘Play’ is very important to me, giving myself the opportunity to experiment and develop, going off at tangents and exploring the elements without parameters. In parallel with many artists my work cannot be defined in a single medium or style.

I’ve been wet felting…..bowls! I love the process which is long, slow and physical. Then the result which is somewhat random, it can be planned to a certain extent as in my ‘Fish bowls’, but there is as element of exciting uncertainty. Lately I’m working on the contour of the bowls with meditational stitch, sashiko and Zen patterns and applying the technique of Boro.           

Alison R 1
Alison R 2