Alison Hird-Beecroft 

Sadly Alison died in December 2021; we will be including a small exhibition of her work at our Hall Place exhibition in October - November 2022.

As a child I collected pieces of bright fabric, threads, toffee papers etc.

From this early interest I have developed an awareness of the way light plays on, or passes

through, a surface.

I began by making collages, moving on to embroidery.

I took City and Guilds Parts 1 and 2 at the London College of Fashion where I learned many techniques.

My work has developed using cutting, rolling and folding techniques with paper and fabric.

Lately I have been using a computer to turn my photographs to patterns which I have printed out onto paper or fabric and I have cut out and manipulated them into 3Dshapes.

I then use stitches and weaving and wrapping techniques to hold them in place and to decorate the pieces.